What are OEM Parts?

While you’re looking for heavy-duty truck parts or accessories, we believe that you may have come across the term “OEM.” But, suppose you’re one of those among 90% of people who are not sure what does it implies. In the automotive world, the acronym OEM refers to “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” So, what does OEM means?   

What do OEM parts mean?  

OEM vehicle parts are components that are assembled and installed during the manufacturing of heavy-duty vehicles. With the brief understanding of OEM heavy-duty truck parts and aftermarket parts, you can identify which part of your vehicle needs a repair or proper replacement.   

OEM parts include components like filters, radiators and alternators. This category covers anything that goes into making up a vehicle but doesn’t necessarily have to be used on the outside of it. For example, if Automobile dealer uses Die Hard Batteries and Fram Filters while building their cars or trucks, these would be considered OEM batteries and filters because GM themselves manufactured them. Apart from this, any parts of another automobile brand compatible with your truck or vehicle will not be considered OEM parts.   

Aftermarket Vs OEM: Which parts are good?   

While understanding OEM and aftermarket parts, you might think that OEM parts are better than other aftermarket parts. But in reality, aftermarket parts just make it “the same as” the original installed part. However, your personal preference will determine which parts are best for you; if cost is a significant factor, then the lower-price aftermarket parts might lure you more than OEM parts.   

Some vehicle owners need to know that each component of their car is an OEM part. But, after you drive off your vehicle a lot, it is no longer the brand-new model. This means spending more on OEM parts may not be a wise decision then.   

What are the essential benefits of OEM parts?  

You can save money by using Surya truck parts, and it’s not just because we sell them. Here are the essential aspects of purchasing Original Equipment Manufacturer heavy vehicle parts from us!  

  • Assurance of better quality: While buying OEM heavy-duty truck parts, keep in mind that they should fit and function as same as earlier OEM parts. OEM parts come with the new vehicle while manufacturing; it will provide you peace of mind knowing its quality and performance.   
  • Comes with Warranty: The best way to get the most out of your hard-earned money is by choosing OEM truck parts. With a warranty, you can always be sure that if something goes wrong with any of these vital vehicle pieces, it will quickly and easily be taken care of for you without worrying about costly mistakes or damage done because they were generic.  
  • Availability of parts: In most cases, OEM parts are only available to auto dealers; you can also purchase them online on sale. In contrast, when you choose to visit the local mechanic shop to repair your vehicle, there are fewer chances of getting OEM parts; instead, you’ll get aftermarket parts which may affect vehicle performance.   
  • Excellent durability: OEM parts are not only providing greater quality but are also durable. For example, An OEM tire is usually better than an aftermarket one when you’re looking for a spare tire. With OEM, you can specify the quality of the materials that were used to make it.   
  • Longer lifespan: OEM parts often have a longer lifespan than aftermarket parts because of the features mentioned above.   


We hope this information helps you understand the term OEM and helps you be an informed customer to purchase the OEM parts that fit your need. When it comes to getting top-quality OEM heavy-duty truck parts in Canada, the Surya Truck part’s team will help you get the best deal. We can help you find and purchase the best quality OEM products at a price that suits your needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!