Truck Engine Maintenance - A Must to Avoid Unexpected Downtime

The engine is the soul of any vehicle.  It’s considered an important part that converts the fuel into mechanical energy and helps run the vehicle.   

Although, Truck engine parts are one of the most durable and can easily last for up to thousands of kilometers. A sudden engine failure can often result in a costly repair, or you may require to replace the complete setup.  

Although truck's engine may not fail easily, but it requires proper servicing to keep it running at optimum power. Keeping an eye on warning signs can help you avoid unexpected engine downtime.   

So, let's break down the reasons behind engine parts failure and what measures you need to take to avoid such issues.   

#1 Identify Signs of Truck Engine Failure 

Continuous Knocking Sound: It is common to hear a little bit of extraneous noise from your heavy truck, especially when it's ageing or when you drive it on rough roads. But we recommend you should not ignore loud and unusual noises coming out from different places from your truck's engine because it is dangerous.   

The clacking and popping noise coming out from the hood and rising and falling with engine RPMs is the sign of premature detonation, and it can damage pistons and cause the engine to explode in rare cases. The grinding noises generation during ignition of engine indicates damaged starter motor.  

If you ever encountered such noises, be sure to visit an expert mechanic as soon as possible. These noises are the initial sign of engine trouble.  

Decreased Performance: Are you experiencing a drop in fuel efficiency? Or finding it difficult to speed up your truck to its maximum limits? These are all the signs of engine trouble, and they should address immediately to avoid inconvenience.   

A heavy-duty truck vehicle is designed with an internal combustion engine that opts for a four-stroke combustion cycle to convert fuel into mechanical power and supply it to the different parts of the vehicle to make it run on the road. The power reduction could be because of intervention in any of the four stokes in the combustion process.  

Check Illumination of Engine Light: Many truckers ignore the ever-important check of the engine light. The engine illuminates when there is a slight issue in the engine parts— it doesn't necessarily mean your vehicle is in danger. But, if you leave the issue unchecked, it will likely generate a bigger problem in future.  

So, it is good to not ignore this indication and perform a vehicle diagnostic test with the help of professionals to identify potential trouble.   

Strange Odours: The heavy truck often smells a bit funky due to the combustion of fuel. But to identify the odd smell, you should be familiar about how your truck smells in daily operation. The strange odour like burning rubber, exhaust smells, and burning oil smell inside your vehicle — are the sure sign of heavy truck parts failure. 

These odours don’t just happen without a reason, it could be due to the exhaust stroke of your internal combustion engine is starting to fail or could be melting fuel hose. To avoid such issue, check the heat level of truck and take the help of mechanic to end catastrophic engine meltdown. 

#2 Perform Truck Engine Maintenance  

Regular Lubrication: Oiling the mechanical components in your vehicle is important to reduce premature wear and tear of heavy truck parts. For better truck engine performance, make a lubrication routine and apply synthetic lubricants on the engine’s moving components to prevent parts from getting damaged and overheating because of friction. Applying synthetic lubricant creates a smooth layer between conventional parts and can bear high-heat, high-stress situations.   

Check Gaskets: Many heavy-duty trucks operate on diesel; hence it became essential to keep an eye on gaskets. It functions in extreme conditions, which is why there are chances of leaks and further complications. All the mounting belts should be examined on a regular basis to determine leakages and if you find any leaking gasket, then replace it immediately from the best Truck Parts and Accessories dealer like Surya Truck Parts.  

Observe Coolant Performance: One of the most common reasons behind the breakage of truck engine components is overheating of parts. The combustion generated by gasoline engines can create excess heat, responsible for the melting and warping of metals. It also happens if the vehicle coolant doesn’t work properly or is damaged. When the truck parts start ageing, the coolant of your diesel engine will become more acidic. This acid starts rotting several parts of the cooling system and is responsible for expensive repairs. So, check the coolant performance to maintain the truck engine’s temperature.  

#3 Keep a Record of Engine Maintenance  

To avoid unexpected downtime, try to maintain a record book for servicing and repairs each piece of equipment. Mention the date and details of service done on the engine components, and it helps you determine when to replace and service the parts. For instance, keep a record of past oil change schedules to avoid missing the next date. In case your engine parts keep failing, you can show how long it lasts through this record. 

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