Truck Air Brakes – Key Components That Reduce the Momentum

Every year, hundreds of accidents happen in Canada. Brake failure and other vehicle issues are behind many of these. Truck brakes must be proactively maintained on a regular basis to avoid potential mishaps.  

The maintenance task is easy when you know the components that need to be changed. While preparing a list of heavy truck parts for maintenance, look for air brake components that must be changed with new ones. 

Air Brake - Components 

The most common air-brake system found in trucks is ‘Foundation’ brakes. It works on triple-valve principle. When the air builds up inside the brake pipes (air pipes) is released, the brakes are applied. The graduated release system ensures that the brakes are applied in proportion of air released. 

Air Compressor 

It is responsible to maintain proper level of air pressure. The compressor also pumps the air in the air tanks for braking. The air compressor governor controls the cut-in & out points to regulate the amount of the air in the tanks.  

The compressor could be belt or gear-driven based on the model of the truck, and could be air-cooled or engine cooled. Whenever the engine is started, the compressor takes the air in & out of the tanks.  

Air Tanks (Reservoirs) 

The reservoirs hold a sufficient amount of compressed air until the supply is required to apply brakes. These are pressure rated tanks fitted with drain valves. Open drain valves remove the air that is not suitable for braking.  

When the brakes are applied, the air circulated by the compressor is used to for braking without any control by the driver.  

Brake Pedal or Foot Valve 

It decides the volume of air-pressure used in the braking system, which largely depends on pressure exerted by the driver with his foot on the foot valve. The more powerfully the foot is pressed, the more swiftly the vehicle comes to halt.  

Brake Chambers 

How the truck comes to halt when the brakes are pressed?  

The answer lies in this chamber, also known as ‘brake pot’. The compressed air is converted into the mechanical force by this component. When the compressed air moves in, the system triggers the brakes and brings the truck to standstill. 

Brake Shoes  

These are the components that work to offer friction against the rotating wheels and halt them. When the driver applies the brakes, the foot valve releases and fills the brake chamber with air. The pressure exerted forces the brake shoes out and stops the vehicle.  

The brake shoes consist of internal lining to apply consistent pressure on the wheel. This lining also helps to reduce the heat generated from the friction.  

There are several other parts including the drain valves, push rod, slack adjusters, brake s-cam, and return spring etc. that make for the air braking system. As a leading Canada truck accessories provider, we offer the components that keep your truck air-brakes in good health.  

Air Brakes - Maintenance Requirements 

The Transport Canada has laid down requirements for maintenance, feed valve and pressure settings. 

Truck air brake parts should be maintained in good condition and the manufacturer’s recommendation should be followed. The locomotive feed valves and pressure settings are clearly provided. 

  • The minimal pressure of brake pipe with automatic brake valve in release position should be 80 psi for freight operations.
  • The difference between the brake – pipe and main reservoir air pressures with brake -valve handle in release position must not be less than 15 psi.  

Watch out for water in the air-brake system. In cold weather conditions, the water freezes into ice and may block air from reaching the braking system, resulting in a wheel lock. Ensure that automatic drain valves are there in each tank.  

Worn out rubber seals need to be changed immediately. A small leak may not affect much, however, any larger leak may damage the compressor.  

Poor maintenance of fleet can lead to disasters. If the brakes failed, the vehicle won’t stop and collide with anything that comes in-front. It’s easy to imagine the damage caused to truck and life. Regular, proactive maintenance schedule keeps the entire fleet in good shape and improves longevity.  

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