Tips To Enhance Clutch Longevity

The clutch is amongst the most sensitive and critical parts in any vehicle with manual transmission. Like any other part, the clutch too wears out too.  However, the lifespan of clutch depends on the way the vehicle is driven. The more miles a truck covers, the more is the chance of downtime that may lead to service unavailability. Reliable truck parts make a vehicle dependable and enhance its productivity.  

Get Heavy Truck Clutch Parts from Reliable Provider 

The clutch ensures that the torque between engine and transmission is transferred optimally for effortless gear shift. The torque-rating of the clutch should meet or exceed the engine’s maximum torque. Surya Truck Parts offers reliable heavy truck clutch parts that can be bought online without much effort. With proper driving that doesn’t cause much stress, clutch can last longer. 

Don’t Keep Foot on Clutch All the Time 

It’s a habit that does the most damage to the clutch. ‘Riding the clutch’ all the time with foot on the pedal, strains the entire clutch assembly and hastens the wear and tear. A simple thumb-rule for clutch usage is ‘Press Fully or Don’t Press’ and nothing in between. It avoids clutch slippage and keeps the engine working smoothly.  

Clutch Should Be Pressed Fully While Shifting Gear 

While changing the gears, ensure that the clutch is pressed fully unless the foot touches the floor. This way, the clutch plate gets completely disengaged from the engine. Any laxity causes the clutch to remain in contact with the engine while shifting gear and leads to wear and tear.  

Release The Clutch Fully After Changing Gear 

After changing gear, release the clutch fully. Keeping the clutch pressed causes friction on the clutch plate when the engine rotates and causes damage. While keeping the clutch pressed for some time may not affect that much, but it shouldn’t be a regular practice.  

Don’t Stop Suddenly – Do It Steadily Instead 

If there is a red light ahead, or the traffic doesn’t seem to move, it’s better to slow down steadily while shifting the gears. The light may change to green, or the traffic may start moving without any need to stop at all. Clutch slippages can be avoided with steady slowdown which also keeps the engine in good shape.  

Regularly Check for Potential Issues 

When the flying wheel goes bad, there may be issues with the clutch too. Look out for the early signs. 

  • When the RPM of the truck increases suddenly, and it loses the forward speed, it’s a sign that the clutch is slipping. The clutch plate is unable to make contact with the flywheel, or it could be coming out of the assembly. The exact problem has to be identified and resolved. 
  • If the clutch is not disengaging, the problem could be due to a master or slave cylinder in a hydraulic powered clutch. If any of the cylinder gets stuck, the clutch won’t move and gears can’t be changed.
  • Is the clutch pedal not moving well? The problem may be with the compression strings. These wear out with time, and it becomes very difficult to shift gears. Changing them solves the problem.
  • Is the transmission making noises while shifting gears? It’s a sign that the clutch plate has completely worn down. The noise arises when it grinds with the flywheel. 

Scheduled Maintenance Is Necessary for Normal Working of Clutch 

  • Regular maintenance ensures that the vehicle is working at maximum efficiency. Check for any fluid leaks that could find their way to clutch housing. When that happens, fluid reaches the clutch parts, and affects proper working.
  • In normal conditions, the fluid level in heavy truck clutches remains the same. It drops only when there is a leak. When that happens, a foul smell may come out from inside. Check whether it is due to a failed seal. 

While the clutch maintenance keeps a vehicle in good working condition, proper driving habits ensure that it remains so for long. Don’t ride the clutch, press it fully when shifting gears and release it fully afterwards. Stopping the vehicle slowly prevents clutch slippages. Change worn out heavy truck clutch parts immediately and shop for reliable new ones from our site.  

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