How to Fix Power Steering Issues Even Before They Overwhelm?

Have you ever driven your truck without a power steering? If you have, you know very well how it feels like having power steering into your vehicle system.   

Power steering is an excellent support system for your vehicle when it comes to safety and agility. It assists in handling your truck efficiently, especially when you slow or park your heavy vehicle and help avoid hurdles or unexpected intruders on the roads. Your heavy-duty truck uses a hydraulic system to support your effort in the driving seat and provide you promising experience.  

However, at some point, while driving your vehicle, you may experience issues with power steering. When it happens, you’ll be helpless to keep control steering without the help of this crucial system. So, it is crucial to recognize the common power steering failure issues and fix the problem before it leads you into trouble.   

Possible Power Steering Issues — Ways to Avoid Serious Damage  

1) Issue: Fluid Leak  

If you find it hard to turn your vehicle steering, it is due to a lack of hydraulic fluid. If there isn’t enough fluid on your power steering reservoir, you’ll face serious trouble. Whenever you turn the engine off, keep a check on the power steering fluid level. You can easily refill the fluid if it is not at the optimal level by just unscrewing the lid of the power steering fluid pump.  

However, the root cause of the low fluid issue is usually a power steering fluid leak. Leaks are among the most common power steering failure causes faced by truck drivers. These leaks can compromise the safety and efficiency of power steering.   

Don’t overlook the signs of fluid leaking, which include patches of fluid with a pungent smell beneath the vehicle surface, a grinding noise while moving to steer, and a decrease in power steering efficiency. Any leaks can decrease the level of fluid in the reservoir and ultimately leads to power steering failure.  

How to Fix  

If you find any signs of fluid leak, don’t overlook the problem. Get it treated in the squealing stage.   

Check the root cause of the fluid leak. Usually, the leak is caused due to cracked and worn-out power steering hose attached to the pump.   

If you can’t see any signs of fractured and worn-out hoses, there is definitely a problem with clamp connections.   

If both hoses and clamp connection are fine, then switch inspection to the power steering pump. The pump can itself be the cause of the fluid leak. Once the root cause gets detected, use the power steering additive products designed to fix fluid leaks. Also, you can take the help of experts to replace the hose with the best power steering hose.   

2) Issue: Problems in Power Steering Pump  

Your Power steering pump is a simple machine that is powered by a truck’s engine. Since the steering pump is connected to the engine, any fraying, corrosion, or breakage can cause an entire system failure.  

The pump often fails if its supported bearings or belts wear out, crack or break. Even after consistent usage, belts do not usually break out, but they will start showing signs like whining sounds or changing the pitch of the engine’s RPM. If these belts are worn out, they will start causing leakage around the pump shaft that ultimately decreases steering efficiency to move.  

How to Fix  

Keep checking on the pump shaft and inspect the conditions of belts that will help you determine whether they need replacement.   

You must take the leakage seriously because leakage around the pump shaft couldn’t get fixed without expert help. In such cases, act quickly and bring your problem to certified automotive experts. They will help find the possible solution and suggest to you the best brands for replacements.  

3) Issue: Squealing/ Grinding Noise while turning vehicle  

Hearing unpleasant or squealing sounds coming out from underneath your vehicle can be a sign of power steering failure. It often generates when you are taking sharp turns and bends. These unusual noises indicate that you immediately need to fix issues that are coming either due to leaks or worn-out belts. However, 99% of the time, it is because of a damaged belt drive.  

How to Fix  

In order to avoid unwanted noise, you must keep checking on the power steering pulley. We suggest you thoroughly inspect the power steering belt if it has any signs of ageing, wear or damage. If the belts are not in good condition, make a schedule for part replacement and maintenance with an experienced automobile mechanic.  

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