3 Truck Clamps - Hose, Boot, and Exhaust - and Their Common Issues

When it comes to optimal functioning of the truck, from a minor component like a screw or clamp to the most prominent part as an engine is essential. Every part has its own importance, and it helps the vehicle in excellent working conditions.   

The truck clamp might look simple in form, but it is an integral part of the vehicle system, used to hold things together in place. Let’s look at the common types of truck clamps used in the trucking sector.  

Hose Clamps  

The hose clamp is designed to protect a pneumatic hose over a fitting. It is an oval-shaped tool consisting of a high carbon steel blade, while the other part of the tool is the handle made up of cast steel.  

The structure of this component is based on the clip-on clamp generally used for support, pressure and force reductions. The usage of this tool is to clamp or crimp a hose onto another piece of equipment in order to secure the transportation of products, liquids, gases and chemicals. It comes with a set of multiple sizes to satisfy different truck parts’ dimensions.   

The damage at the hose often looks small, but it can generate big problems in your truck over time. With the increase of temperature, pressure rating reduces. The change in temperature results in discoloration, cracking or hardness.  

Boot Clamp or CV Boot Clamp  

The CV joints or constant velocity joints are covered with ribbed, rubber, or plastic boots are called CV Boot Clamp. The role of this boot is to keep the CV joints greased and prevent dirt and water from getting in.   

However, the CV boot sometimes gets damaged because of excessive pressure caused by axle shafts (connects the transmission with the wheels). The grease starts leaking when a CV boot wears out, and the joints get contaminated with moisture and dirt. Consequently, the CV joints start failing due to a lack of lubrication or corrosion. It can resolve by replacing the whole axle.  

Exhaust Clamps  

An exhaust clamp is an essential element made up of a metal object and are often used to hold and firmly fasten the exhaust connections. The application of this clamp is to form a tight leak-proof seal.  

It is used with aftermarket exhaust components that incorporate performance mufflers, headers or other personalized parts to enhance the exhaust system. The clamp comes in various sizes and shapes and has a unique attachment process. Depending upon its shapes and sizes, it is named U-clamps, V-band clamps, band clamps, and narrowband clamps.  

The clamp can’t be fixed on the exhaust system if it is broken. It will have to be replaced immediately. When the clamp becomes loose, broken, or worn out, it let the exhaust pipe come loose. It results in serious problems, such as broken exhaust pipes. It can expose the vehicle to exhaust fumes that can circulate inside the truck’s cabin.  

Common Issues with Exhaust, Hose and Boot Clamps  

Wrong Clamp Width   

Often, truck clamps get worn out or broke if used on the vehicle for the longest time. Replacing it with another clamp with wider width can result in poor seal and provide a passage to leak, which eventually leads to system failure.  

Improperly installed clamp  

It is one of the most common causes of all clamps. The loose or improper installation of the selected clamp can result in the coupling ejecting from the end of the pipe. So, to avoid such issues, use the manufacturer’s recommendations.  

Excessive Working Pressure  

The main clamps – Exhaust, boot, and hose handle the pressure of truck components. It can result in de-coloration, twisting of clamps, over tightness. When the vehicle’s fuel is excessively tightened, it can lead to a severe vehicle fire.  

Corrosion or Rust  

The U-Bolt or Exhaust clamp and the hose clamp is flexible component that often rusts out with time, potentially responsible for exhaust leak or loosening of hose and at the very least a continuous ringing noise. In case of rusting, you need to replace the component with a high-quality stainless-steel element.   

Poor Work Manship  

The clamps and fittings are made up of a unique mixture of materials and a complex manufacturing process. When it comes to end fittings, human error, poor product quality, inconsistent machinery and variation in raw materials can often result in more significant variance than the desired outcome.  

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